DJI Osmo Pocket on a bicycle mount – Does it work? Or does it suck?

Hey everyone! Someone asked in a comment on one of my prior videos to see how the footage of the Osmo Pocket looked when mounted to a bicycle.

Well, I was finally able to record a bit of footage to see how that would turn out. As with all my prior videos, this is footage directly from the DJI Osmo Pocket on “Auto” settings with the device not attached to a phone.

You can watch the video to see, but my initial feeling is that directly mounting the Osmo Pocket to a bicycle or motorcycle via some sort of direct / hard mount isn’t going to work to well. There is too much force transmitted to the Osmo when you hit a bump or rough terrain – and the video quality gets very “jello” looking.

It may be better if the Osmo was mounted to your body instead, perhaps via a hat/helmet mount or chest strap. In that configuration, your body is less directly connected to the bike and will insulate some of the smaller bumps – hopefully making the video a little more useable. I will need to test that out in a different video as I don’t currently have anything that will work for those mounting options.

I thought this was worth sharing…

TLDR: It kind of sucks! Unless you ride your bike on glass.

Let me know in the comments below if there are any other tests you want to see!

Here is a link to my prior video where I go over the 3D printed GoPro mount, in case anyone sees this and is wondering!

Neewer Super Clamp w/Tripod Mount

GoPro Mount Adapter

1/4 and 3/8 inch Mount Adapter

Thingiverse :: Simple Osmo Pocket GoPro Mount

DJI Osmo Pocket

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