Pixel MK-7 Wireless Microphone System – Unboxing and Initial Test

I have been looking around for a wireless transmission system that I can use when making videos. While I love my Zoom H1N for off camera recording – in some cases I wish I could just wear a lavalier and have the audio recorded with the video “in camera”…

That being said, I was interested in purchasing a wireless transmitter / receiver.

This Pixel set seems to be a good choice, at least in my initial testing. I did stumble when trying to figure out the best settings for the output of the receiver going into my camera. I think around 6-8 on the output level of the receiver seems to be about the best setting for my Canon 6D Mark II. If I go too much higher I feel that the sound starts to get a little distorted on the receiving end. Your mileage may vary and you may need to perform a little trial and error to get the right settings.

All in all I think this is a good choice for me. I didn’t want to purchase a set that cost 2-3X more, when really all I needed was basic functionality that this unit seems to provide.

Check out the unboxing and review, and let me know what you think! I will have to do some more testing down the road as I create more various videos for the channel!

Also, here’s a 5% off coupon code for the system!

Pixel MK-7 Wireless Microphone System

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