Zoom H1N and Rode SmartLav+ Unboxing and Sound Test

I’ve been looking for a better “on person” lavalier setup that I can use for quality voice dialog and spoken voice / vlog style audio.

I was especially interested in something that would work equally well with any type of video recording, including my new DJI Osmo Pocket – which as of today still doesn’t have a good microphone input option… DJI still hasn’t released the 3.5mm mic adapter, nor turned on the capability in the firmware!

After a bunch of research, I landed on this combination of recorder and lavalier microphone.

In this video I do an unboxing of both products, as well as a sound test so that you can hear the difference between this off camera recording method and the on camera Rode VideoMic Pro that I have been using a lot in my various YouTube videos.

I think this sounds a lot better, at least for my needs!

Zoom H1N

Rode SmartLav+

TRRS to TRS Converter

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Tags: Audio, Lavalier, Microphone, Rode, Rode VideoMic Pro, SmartLav+, TRRS, TRRS to TRS Converter, Zoom H1N

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