SANDMARC Film Rig – Unboxing and First Look / Impressions

I’d like to thank SANDMARC Action Gear for sending their new Film Rig over to the channel for an unboxing and honest review.

This has the potential to be a great bit of kit for iPhone / GoPro or other small format camera film making! It gives you the ability to add quite a few accessories to your overall camera rig – such as lights, microphones, etc…

I ran into one slight snag with this, and I had initially intended this to be a slightly different format video – so I may follow up with an additional video in the future. Long story short, the “swing arm” mount with my iPhone XS Max was a little wobbly – and I couldn’t tighten it down all the way to ensure that there was no up/down motion when moving the rig around. It also contributed to the horizon being a degree or two off.

I did reach out to SANDMARC to see if they had a solution, but didn’t want to hold back my first look / impressions video because I really want to give an honest look and review of products!

So check out the video, and let me know what you think!

If you are interested in the SANDMARC Film Rig, you can find out more information by heading over to SANDMARC’s website and product link below.

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