Comica XLR Lavalier (CVM-V02O) Microphone – Unboxing and Sound Test

In today’s video, I’m taking a look at another Comica Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone, this time it’s an XLR based version!

I’ve been on a kick of acquiring lavalier microphones lately, as I really enjoy testing and using them during the course of my own YouTube reviews and video projects.

This Comica model is another great buy and excellent value for what you are investing. It rivals the sound of higher cost microphones, but compares very well in sound quality…especially if you are considering using it for things like YouTube. The audio compression that happens with sharing online typically negates any of the perceived advantages of higher end lavaliers. At least in my experience – if you think otherwise, I’m sure you have good reasons! 🙂

Comica CVM-V02O

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