Soundstripe Review – It’s a great option for royalty free music!

I’ve been in search of a decent royalty music provider for various video needs including this YouTube channel. After a bunch of research and comparisons of options such as Artlist, Epidemic, etc… I landed on Soundstripe.

This really isn’t a comparison of how Soundstripe stacks up against the competition – but it is an overview of their music platform and some of the various reasons that I decided to try them out this year for the primary source of music for upcoming videos.

So if you have been researching Soundstripe or other options for music – be sure to check out this video.

In this video I have highlighted a few of the features that I like about Soundstripe, including the curated Playlists, searching for music, bookmarking songs that I like – and how to actually license them for use in projects.

Overall, I think that their platform works great and I can’t wait to use their songs in more and more of my upcoming projects!

If you do decide to subscribe, I have a referral link below that will save you a bit of money!

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