DJI Osmo Pocket Firmware Update! My top 3 features! v01.04.00.20

Here are the top 3 features of the newest DJI Osmo Pocket Firmware from Jan/Feb 2019.

I haven’t had the opportunity to really test out some of these due to the weather outside in Chicago. It’s still winter and cold!

However these are what I would consider the most notable updates coming from the recent Osmo Pocket firmware update – and they might just change your mind if you are on the fence on this purchase!

Watch the video for my thoughts, but as I mention in the video – this is the list that was published in the DJI Mimo App.

1. Added pro settings when using Osmo Pocket without DJI Mimo.

2. Added option to switch between AFC and AFS when using Osmo Pocket with DJI Mimo.

3. Added Cine-Like color mode to video mode.

4. Fixed Issue: after powering off, the gimbal attitude of some devices was in an abnormal position to fit into the cover.

5. Optimized face detection.

6. Reduced focus pulsing in some situation, such as when shooting the sky or at night.

7. Increased autofocus speed when moving Osmo Pocket quickly.

DJI Osmo Pocket

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