Custom Microphone for the DJI Osmo Pocket Audio Adapter! Using Primo EM172 Capsule!

In this video I’m going over the initial prototype of an external microphone that I’m building based on the Primo EM172 microphone capsule, as well as some discussion on how the DJI Osmo Audio Adapter seems to like the audio input wired on the TRS adapter.

After doing a bunch of research and reading on the DJI forums, it was brought to my attention by a few folks (Robert White and David Harry) that the mono microphones that worked best for them had a bridged tip/ring signal on the TRS connector going into the Osmo Pocket.

If that was the case, it was likely that the microphone would sound good and not exhibit the odd audio issues that I and others were having with their microphones.

David had really nice success with a microphone in this video on his channel!

I did a little testing as you can see in this video, and actually ended up ordering a Primo EM172 capsule – the same one that is used in the Clippy EM172 Mono Lavalier microphone from… I’ve ordered a lavalier from them, but it hasn’t arrived yet.

However I have played around with the microphone capsule, and think it sounds pretty good.

Check out this video to hear some audio samples as well as see what I’m planning to do with my DIY external mic for the Osmo Pocket!

*Please note, depending on the microphone you may be using – it may or may not have a shielded cable. It might just have a black and red wire – like the microphone that I’m using in this video. Just FYI, the diagram that I show in the video is slightly different than what this setup is.

Components Used in this Video
3.5mm TRS Male to 3 Screw Adapter

3.5mm TRS Female to 3 Screw Adapter

3.5mm TRS Jack 90 Degree Solder Adapter

Primo EM172 Microphone Capsule

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