ND Filters for DJI Osmo Pocket – Unboxing and First Look

I wish I had received these prior to my trip to Seattle where I could have tested them out in super sunny weather! However I didn’t! 🙁

As many of you have probably figured out, a set of ND filters seems to be a must have for the DJI Osmo Pocket if you are looking to get more cinematic footage outdoors. Because of the fixed aperture of f/2 on the Osmo Pocket – there aren’t a ton of variables you can control in order to reduce the amount of light getting to the camera sensor…

Unless you have some ND filters!

In this quick video, I’m taking a look and doing an unboxing for this 6 filter set from Amazon.

I will have to circle back with another video showcasing some of the output when I get some good conditions outdoors to test!

ND Filter Set

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