Videography Clippy EM172 Lavalier Microphone – Unboxing and Initial Sound Test

I finally got a hold of this Clippy EM172 Lavalier Microphone from!

David Harry has done some great reviews of this capsule as well, but I figured I needed to do my own unboxing and testing after I received mine – so here you go!

I have used this same Primo EM172 microphone capsule in another video (but it was purchased off eBay) where I created a custom “L” shaped microphone for the Osmo Pocket, so check that one out as well!

This was tested on a Zoom H1N. At the beginning of the video I used the Rode SmartLav+ and at the tail end of the video, I used the Clippy EM172.

I really like this mic and will probably be using this going forward a lot on the channel!

Clippy EM172 Lavalier Mono Microphone

Zoom H1N

Rode SmartLav+

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