Comica CVM SIG.LAV V05 – Unboxing and Initial Sound Test

In today’s video I’m taking a look and doing an initial sound test of the Comica CVM-SIG.LAV V05 lavalier microphone.

I’ve been testing various lavalier’s on the channel lately, and I think that this one has a great balance of sound quality and value for the money.

At the time of this video upload, the cost is just around $30 – and for that I think this is a very good deal by my initial sound test results.

Some of the key features of this microphone include:
* Ability to switch from TRRS to TRS connection via a flip of a switch
* Powered pre-amp and control module
* Realtime audio monitoring with headphone jack
* Gain control via the control module
* Extra long cable (around 16 feet in total)

I really like the fact that you can use this on different recording setups (smartphones, cameras, handheld recorders) without the need of an additional input adapter. This is not the case with other devices such as the Rode SmartLav+ that I’ve tested in the past.

I’ll be certainly using this lavalier in future videos, so stay tuned to hear the output going forward!

Comica CVM-SIG.LAV V05

Zoom H1N

Rode SmartLav+

TRRS to TRS Converter

Sony ECM-44B Lavalier Microphone

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