Tesla Model Y Unveiling Event – Commentary and Thoughts

I watched the Tesla Model Y reveal event last night (March 14, 2019) and just wanted to provide some thoughts on some of the highlights of the event and take a quick look at the Model Y.

I have been anxiously awaiting this reveal as I have been following Tesla for many years and have always wanted something in between the size of the Model 3 and the Model X…

And the Model Y is just that!

If you are interested in more full livestream coverage, you should check out the other videos below.

In this video I provide some of my thoughts and commentary about the event as well as the actual Y unveiling itself, along with a quick look at the Pre Order configurations available on the Tesla website!

I’m not a “Tesla YouTuber” but just a tech nerd that has been drooling over the opportunity to own something in the Model 3/Y category for years now!

Tesla Y on

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