MAONOCASTER Podcast Console

Today I’m unboxing and taking a look at the MAONOCASTER Podcast Console – an all in one mixing interface for recording podcasts or any sort of live streaming where you want to capture multiple inputs.

I was really impressed with the overall quality of this unit. As a Rodecaster Pro user – my view of the Maono unit is that it packs a punch at a much lower price point. Sure, the Rodecaster has a ton more bells and whistles – but for basic podcasting and streaming you really may want to take a look at the MAONOCASTER!

Some of the highlights:
1. Multi-channel Mixing/Streaming and Monitoring.
2. MAONOCASTER features two separate premium-quality MIC amplifiers with XLR interfaces.
3.11Programmable jingles, you can upload any audio effects you like to the MAONOCASTER.
4. 6 reverb modes, auto-tune, and 4 pitch changers
5. Each microphone input is independently controlled can be muted with one tap.

✅ Maonocaster AU-AM100
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