OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing and Initial First Look (Nebula Blue)

I recently got a hold of a OnePlus 7 Pro in Nebula Blue! I know that I’m a few months behind all of the other “in the know” Tech YouTubers – but what are you going to do!? 🙂

In this video I unbox the OnePlus 7 Pro 12GB / 256GB Nebula Blue version.

Drop a comment below if you have specific topics you’d like covered in future videos… I know there is already a lot of content out there on YouTube – so I’m looking to explore and try to provide a point of view that already may not be covered as much!

Here’s a link to an Amazon listing, however I would suggest you probably order directly from OnePlus if you are really interested in the device.

OnePlus 7 Pro


Alternatively TMobile carries a version of the OnePlus 7 Pro (non dual sim) if that is something that fits your needs.

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