Dad! The WiFi doesn’t work!!!! Eero Pro Mesh WiFi to the Rescue!

I wasn’t totally prepared for the 2019 WiFi apocalypse in my household. As I opened my eyes – and my hearing adjusted to the frantic commotion going on all around me, I realized that there was MAJOR trouble in the T is for Tech Household.

Dad! Fortnite isn’t working! The XBox can’t connect to the Internet!

Honey, why can’t I change the temperature on our ecobee thermostat? It’s -25 degrees outside!

Dad, I need to do my homework and my iPad can’t connect to Google Drive!

Long story short, and I’ll talk about it in the video – my Asus Dark Night RT-N66U had a major melt down. Two hours of trying to figure out what was going on led me to realize that I needed to act ASAP – and off to Best Buy I went.

I initially thought I’d go to Best Buy and pick up the Google Mesh WiFi system as I had heard some good reviews and a few of my colleagues have had good feedback on it.

As I talked to a salesman at Best Buy and he provided his input on why he switched to the Eero from the Google – my opinion was swayed and I picked up the Eero.

I captured some of my thoughts in this video, and if you are on the fence between the Google WiFi mesh system and Eero – it might be worth a listen. It’s not a scientific review by any means, but just my overall experience replacing a “so so” system in my house that crapped out with the Eero Pro WiFi.

The WiFi in my house is now AWESOME.

Eero Pro 3 Pack

Eero Mesh 3 Pack

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