MorePro GT2

In this video I’m taking a look at the MorePro GT2 Smart Watch. I’ve had quite a few viewers inquire about this one as there are a few other MorePro videos that I’ve done on the channel.

Overall I really like this device. It’s got the Apple Watch look going for it, and has quite a bit of features if you are looking for a combination of watch features and fitness / vitals tracking.

The main downfall of this device is that I had some issues with the MorePro app on my phone. I’ve found it to be somewhat buggy and inconsistent when using the smartphone app. Hopefully this is something that can be easily remedied by MorePro – as the device itself is really nice.

Check out the video for much more info. Hopefully not too long and boring! 🙂

✅ MorePro GT2
MorePro GT2 Smart Watch With ECG & 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring

15% discount code: tisfortech15
(Expires June 30, 2021)

Feature List
-ECG monitoring function
-24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring; (24 hours continuous heart rate monitoring, analyze the change of heart rate, and timely remind when abnormalities are found)
-Blood oxygen monitoring
-HRV monitoring and analysis
-Activity tracker and exercise suggestion(Pedometer, Calories, Miles)
-Accurate sleep monitoring
-Exercise blood pressure
-Alarm clock remind (no noise wake-up, 20 sets of event reminder ICONS)
-Call and SMS alert function; (including Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Email, WeChat, QQ, and other social software)
-Remote control taking photos (by rotating the wrist and Touch screen of the bracelet)
-Countdown, Stopwatch function
-Function switch(Common switch: Heart rate, Blood pressure monitoring)
-Call reminder,mute,rejection
-RTC(12/24 hours)
-Upgrade; Music remote control.
-Wechat WeRun
-Lighted-up screen duration and brightness adjustment

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