Nomatic Travel Pack 6 Month Review!

If you are looking into the Nomatic series of backpacks, specifically the Travel Pack – I certainly recommend that you watch this video! In this Nomatic Travel Pack review, I go over my thoughts and use of this bag on a day to day basis.

Update: I got the new version of this bag, you can check that out here!

Update 9/2019: It looks like Nomatic has recently updated all of their bags, which address a few of the issues that I mention in this video – specifically the front material that easily gets scratched as well as the zippers. The new bags use YKK zippers!

I’ve owned this bag for just a bit more than 6 months and have used it nearly every day as my main backpack for work and other activities!

In this video I go over some of the pros and cons that I’ve found through a lot of use.

TLDR; Even though there are some gripes that I have, I would buy this bag again if I needed one!

If you want to look a bit more at what Nomatic has to offer, or specifically more about the Backpack / Travel Pack you can use the link below.

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Nomatic Website and Bag Info

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