Nomatic 30L Travel Bag

In this video I’m doing an unboxing and taking a first look at the very capable Nomatic Travel Bag. This is the smaller 30L size (vs original 40L) and makes for a great bag when traveling to the gym or sporting events as well as for plane trips and car travel.

I’ve done a few different reviews in the past on the channel for the Nomatic Travel Pack which is their 20-30L expandable every day backpack style bag. I have been using that one as my every day work backpack for more than a year now and just love it!

I decided to expand my collection with the 30L Travel Bag, and while I haven’t had the chance yet to travel with it – I’m super happy with the quality and features of this bag!

It’s a great all around size for many different purposes!

Definitely check it out on the Nomatic site for more details and information!

Nomatic 30L Travel Bag

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