Casa Moto Boots by Thursday Boot Company

I guess I’m not sure exactly what boots have to do with a Tech focused channel. But depending on what feedback I get this might drift into a new “Lifestyle Tech/Accessories” category 🙂

While I do own quite a few pairs of other Goodyear welted shoes, they are mostly in the dress shoe category. I also own a few pairs of boots and have always wanted to check out a pair of Thursday Boots. While I was looking at their staple, the “Captain” – these Casa Moto boots caught my eye, so I figured I’d take them for a spin!

In this video I’m doing a quick unboxing and first look of these great looking boots in black. For more information or to check them out, head on over to Thursday Boot’s website below!

✅ Thursday Boots Casa Moto
Casa Moto | Black

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