Build a Cheap Custom Keyboard

Obviously this isn’t what most would consider “cheap” from a mechanical keyboard perspective as there are tons of $50 range boards on Amazon. However it’s also not super expensive as compared to some custom builds that I’ve seen out there. Especially from channels like Taeha Types, etc…

However in this build, you get a decent quality case, nice switches, and attractive PBT keycaps for just around $150. You obviously could save some money by using cheaper switches and other components. However for a starter “custom” keyboard setup this is probably about as cheap you could go and still have a decent feel from the switches. At least in my opinion!

Is this even worth it? Check out the video to see! If anything it’s a good learning experience for those that like to tinker and build something useful 🙂

Video Index
00:00 Intro
01:17 Case Box
01:54 Plate
02:40 PCB
03:30 Sound Deadening
06:07 Switches
10:23 PBT Keycaps
12:30 Assembly
15:26 Sound Test
17:28 RGB Test

Keyboard Case/PCB = $68
NovelKey Kaihl Creams (64 Switches) = $50
YMDK PBT Keycap Set $25
Total = $143

✅ GK64X Wired Hot Swap Keyboard Kit
✅ Custom Thick Profile PBT Keycaps
✅ NovelKeys Kailh Cream Switches

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