GREAT SUCCESS!!! DJI Osmo Pocket Audio Adapter Lavalier Test

After about 10 total hours tearing my hair out over the past few days I finally found a combination of lavalier microphone / DJI Osmo Pocket & 3.5mm Audio Adapter settings that seems to get decent audio…and 5 hours or so prior to recording this video just on lavalier tests.

I tried using these lavaliers, and the only one that worked at a quality that I deep more than acceptable was the Comica SigLav microphone.

PoP Voice PV610+
Rode SmartLav+
JK Mic
Comica SigLav

I think the biggest factor here is that the Comica lavalier has an adjustable gain control as it has a powered/adjustable output level. That seems to be what the Osmo Pocket with Audio Adapter needs – it needs a “hotter” signal coming in to make the audio work and sound ok. This is just my observation, I could be totally wrong.

I will probably do another test shortly with my Rode Video Mic Pro and Video Micro – but I am more interested in using a lavalier for the recording I plan to do with the Osmo Pocket.

Long story short, as Borat says….GREAT SUCCESS.  The Comica lavalier seems to have done the trick, for me at least.

I’d be interested to see what others have found out also – so please drop a comment below!

So in summary the best sound that I got was with the Osmo Pocket microphone setting on HIGH and the HIGHEST gain setting on the Comica lavalier.

Check out the Comica SigLav on Amazon, it’s a pretty good deal and seems to work well with the Osmo Pocket Audio Adapter!

Comica CVM-SIG.LAV V05

DJI Osmo Pocket

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