AUKEY 65W Fast Charger

In this video I’m taking a look at this 65W dual USB-C port fast charger that can be used for a wide variety of electronic devices. I’m also checking out a set of really sweet USB-C cables as well!

I’d like to thank AUKEY for sending these over to the channel for an honest review, I really appreciate it!

This compact Power Delivery 3.0 charger features industry-leading gallium nitride (GaN) GaNFast technology, which allows for high-powered charging of smartphones and laptops from a product no bigger than a standard phone charger.

If you want to find out more about this fast charger and cables, check out the video – and take a look at the links below!

AUKEY Omnia 65W Dual Port USB-C
AUKEY USB-C to C Right Angle Cables

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