DesertWest C2 Fast Wireless Charging Pad Unboxing and Initial Test

In this video I’m doing an unboxing and initial test of the DesertWest C2 Fast Wireless Charging Pad.

My initial thoughts are that it seems well built and solid. The pad itself is made out of an aluminum body. It’s powered by a USB-C input cable, and leverages your existing phone wall adapter. It performs higher rates of charge if you are using a Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0. For more info on various Quick Charge versions you can read this article over on Wikipedia.

If you’d like to view the full specs for this wireless charger, you can also check it out on Amazon via the link below.

All in all it seems to support a wide variety of charge rates from a standard 5W, all the way up to 15W based on compatible charging input adapters – and the phone’s ability to charge at those higher rates.

Definitely check it out to learn more info! It’s a nice sleek design that seems to perform well, and will look great on your desk!

DesertWest C2 Fast Wireless Charging Pad

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