morePro V19 ECG Fitness Band

First off I’d like to thank morePro for sending this over to the channel from their Amazon Store for an honest YouTube unboxing and review. I’ve done a few other reviews of various fitness related bands and smart watches on the channel before and I was happy to take a look at what looked like a capable budget device!

Overall I think that this is a pretty good option for those wanting to have all of the standard fitness tracking related features at an easily affordable price point.

The app could use a little work, but the sensors and tracking ability on this device outweigh some of the usability issues that I ran into.

Check out the video! It’s a bit long! But I wanted to make sure to cover in detail the device, the app and my experience in using it.

Video Index
2:42 Unboxing
10:08 Start of App Review

✅ morePro V19 ECG Fitness Band
⚠️ Not sold on this Fitness Tracker ? Check out alternatives!

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