Maono USB Microphone Kit AU-A04T – Unboxing and Test

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this microphone, but after testing it out I think it’s a phenomenal value for those looking to record a number of different types of sounds.

For me, the spoken word vocal use is my primary use – and in this regard it’s really good. I would say it’s on par with the sound that I get from my more expensive Blue Yeti microphone. I’ve tested out a few other mics in this price range – but thing this one sounds better!

In this video I used the mic for the introduction, as well as the spoke dialog after the unboxing. I even recorded a bit of poorly played acoustic guitar to see how it worked in picking up the sound of a musical instrument.

If you want to check out this a bit more and review the specs and details – you can find it at the link below!

This would make a great entry level mic for YouTube creators, Podcasters or basically anyone looking for a great sounding plug and play USB microphone!

Maono USB Microphone Kit

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