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In this video I’m taking a look at another i500 AirPod Pro 1:1 clone, this time from a website called

I took a look at a pair from MGET about a month back and wanted to see if these were any different. The MGET ones were pretty decent except for the fact that mine were very touchy on the Play/Pause functionality and kept pausing when I was listening to music – which made them unusable.

This pair from doesn’t seem to exhibit that issue and they are generally usable for listening to music and taking phone calls and have “OK” sound. Not as good as the original Apple AirPods – but good enough for use.

However, there are some shortcomings with this new pair that I will go over in the video.

✅ i500 TWS AirPods Pro Clones
[ i500 TWS White Pro] Wireless Earbuds

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