DIY Ecobee Thermostat Controller / Using Raspberry Pi 0 W

I’ve had my Ecobee thermostat system installed for a while now, and I was looking for an alternate way to easily raise and lower the temperature of my Upstairs thermostat without having to dig out my phone, or yell across the room to my Amazon Echo in the middle of the night.

To solve this problem, I build my own Ecobee controller using a Raspberry Pi 0 W, along with some simple components and a bit of Python code. It plugs in and sits on the nightstand to provide a quick and easy way to see the current room temperature, the set/hold temperature as well as a few buttons to raise and lower accordingly.

There are some links to various bits and pieces of this project below, along with a link to a few source files on GitHub.

If there is any interest, or questions – please drop a comment below! It was a fun project and not terribly difficult to piece together.

Source on GitHub

Ecobee Developer Information

Raspberry Pi 0 W

Raspberry Pi 0 W with Accessories

Wooden Box

OLED Display

Momentary Push Buttons

Raspberry Pi Power Supply with On/Off

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