Crenova Mini Video Projector XPE498 – Unboxing and First Look

I’ve been looking for a mini projector for various uses around my house, mostly because my kids have been bugging me after seeing a similar projector at a friends house!

So I found this one on Amazon and wanted to do a quick unboxing and first look. Since these are somewhat complicated and feature rich devices, I’ll have to circle back with an update to this first look at some point in the future after I have some more time using it.

However at first glance, it seems like quite a deal for around $89.

In the review, I do a quick unboxing and projection test on the only open space I could find in my house… The living/dining room ceiling!

If you want to check out a bit more about this projector, you can find it on Amazon below.

Crenova Mini Video Projector XPE498

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