10-Pack Mystery Shirts

So I needed a few more cheap T-Shirts for around the house and weekend wear. I figured I’d try out and order a few of their 10-pack mystery shirt bundles!

If you can live with getting some random shirts that you didn’t pick out this might definitely be worth a look. It’s fairly cheap at $23.95 for 10 shirts plus S&H. If you order a few items then the shipping cost isn’t too bad. It was around $13 for shipping via UPS. Still not a bad deal!

I haven’t yet washed any of these so I don’t know how they will hold up over time, but the shirts look decently made. They aren’t super high quality, but good enough for what they are!

In this video I unbox and take a look at what I got in my packages.

All in all there are some decent ones and a few duds.

But hey – it was fun! 🙂

✅ 6 Dollar Shirts

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