NodeMCU / ESP8266 Powered YouTube Subscriber Counter – Build and Overview

I’ve been wanting to get a YouTube subscriber counter clock style device for a while now after I saw a few different YouTubers with them in the background of their videos.

I saw that there was a ready made one available on Amazon from a company called LaMetric – but it was close to $200!

So instead I decided to build one myself using various information I found online.

It cost me less than $20 to build this between the NodeMCU microcontroller, LED Matrix Array, and using my existing 3D printer to make the enclosure.

Parts Used & Documentation
NodeMCU Board

LED Matrix Array

Thingiverse Model for Box

Code Tutorial

Or if you want something like this and don’t want to deal with building your own, check out the LaMetric one that I mentioned on Amazon!

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