DJI Osmo Pocket Audio Adapter – Unboxing and Initial Test

Well, I have mixed feelings about this thing at this point…

I finally was able to procure a DJI Osmo Pocket Audio Adapter to use for my Osmo Pocket! I was totally excited until I was reviewing the video/audio from my initial test.

Check out this unboxing and let me know what you think!

I had issues with the Rode SmartLav+, I’m not totally sure if it’s an issue with the Rode lavalier or with the Osmo Pocket audio adapter/sound processing. Anything but the “auto” microphone setting yielded audio too low to really even be usable. It might just be that the audio signal coming out of the Rode isn’t high enough for the Osmo Pocket – I’ll have to look more into it.

If anyone else has had this issue, let me know how you solved it in the comments.

I will be testing this out with some additional lavaliers that I own as well as with the Rode Video Mic Pro and Rode VideoMicro.

So stay tuned for that!

DJI Osmo Pocket Audio Adapter

TRRS to TRS Converter

DJI Osmo Pocket

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